Sunrise Credit Services

Since 1974 Sunrise Credit Services, Inc. (SCS) has specialized in Third Party Collection programs for some of the biggest companies in the United States. We are a nationwide agent with over 500 collectors and staff. We are proficient in the handling of all commercial and consumer debt. Your individual needs are paramount. Our approach is based squarely on our unique ability to quickly respond to your changing needs with specific programs tailored for special situations, and by our ability to effectively manage, direct and control both large and small projects. Our outstanding performance in the industry is only one benefit that Sunrise has to offer TRMA members. We have an industry first training university that certifies each of our collectors with an ACA International certification, and provides first class education programs totaling 175 hours of formalized curriculum. SCS is a Women Business Enterprise, received a Òbest place to workÓ in the industry award in 2009, and SCS was featured on 20/20 as the Ògood company in the industryÓ.Ê