What is TRMA?

  • An industry forum for communication and utility-based risk management professionals to cooperate, understand, and share best practices related to uncollectible debt issues among its members
  • A professional resource that is devoted to industry leaders in:
    • Telecommunications
    • Cable and Satellite
    • Utility companies and more
  • A growing and diverse organization that delivers:
    • Quality information forums
    • Tools relevant to our members’ changing and dynamic industries
  • Established to promote cooperation within the communications industries to:
    • Effectively balance risk while maintaining new subscriber counts
    • Reduce fraud and uncollectible receivables

Benefits of Membership

  • Learning and sharing best practices
  • Networking with peers through:
    • Forums
    • Conferences
    • Member Committees
  • Exchanging and accessing valuable and timely benchmarking data related to:
    • Credit
    • Collections
    • Fraud performance and payment processing
  • Sharing current and relevant industry best practices
  • Cooperating on regulatory/legislative issues to reduce risk of fraud and uncollectible receivables

Benchmarking Benefits

The TRMA Benchmarking Program develops and disseminates aggregated benchmarking metrics for participating TRMA members. Helps identify areas where your organization leads, lags, or is on par with competitors

  • Utilizes metrics to target reasonable goals and build business cases
  • Develops a foundation for measuring outcomes of policy and program changes
  • Helps members understand the trade-offs and dependencies between different risk management and credit policies
  • Aids in tracking performance over time and establishes a basis for continuous improvement
  • Governs with strict confidentiality rules to protect participating companies and is reviewed by legal resources for anti-trust compliance prior to the release of any data

Communications Benefits

The Communications Committee has primary oversight for the strategy, content, and delivery vehicles for all internal and external communications.

  • Oversees the website content, membership newsletters, strategic messages, and reviews and approves content with direct support of TRMA committees' plans and objectives
  • Welcomes input and suggestions from the Voting Members and Business Affiliates

Education Benefits

The TRMA Education Programs offer dynamic and interactive educational opportunities that are relevant to issues facing credit, fraud, and collections and provide additional knowledge and tools that can be used to drive results. These objective are achieved through three strategies:

  1. Learning Labs are offered as pre-conference workshops at each conference and encompass fundamental knowledge of the topic, best practice sharing and problem solving.
  2. Webinars are available for TRMA who were unable to attend conferences in person and include presentations from recent conferences
  3. Online Resource Tools
    • Whitepapers
    • Recorded Webinars

Fraud and Regulatory Benefits

Fraud (Special Interest Group)

The Fraud Special Interest Group brings together members who have a strong interest, if not a passion, for a particular aspect of all the topics that we are involved with in credit and collections risk management

Regulatory (Special Interest Group)
  • The Regulatory Special Interest Group serves as the focal point for legislative and regulatory issues for TRMA
  • The group obtains the most recent legislative and regulatory information, assembles it into organized formats, and disseminates it to the members of TRMA via the Regulatory Proceedings Matrix
  • The group also works towards influencing regulatory reform for the good of the industry and its customers

Program Benefits

The TRMA Program Committee is responsible for organizing the agenda and presentations for TRMA’s conferences ensuring inclusion of topics that are of vital interest to its members.

  • Helps define the program content presented at our conferences Discovers and shares relevant information that is key to your organization today
  • Expands the network of collections and risk professionals by coordinating these presentations for the benefit of all conference attendees