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TRMA is a professional resource that is sought by industry leaders. It is a growing, diverse and global organization that delivers quality information forums and strategies relevant to our members’ changing and dynamic industries. The mission of TRMA is to promote cooperation within the Telecommunications, Pay TV, Utility, Waste Management and other industries to effectively balance risk while reducing fraud and uncollectibles for the benefit of our industry and paying customers.

TRMA Strives to:

  • Be an industry forum for communication and utility-based risk management professionals to cooperate, understand, and share best practices related to uncollectible debt issues among its members
  • Be a professional resource that is devoted to industry leaders in:
    • Telecommunications
    • Cable and Satellite
    • Utility companies and more
  • Be a growing and diverse organization
  • Deliver quality information, networking forums, and tools relevant to our members’ changing needs
  • Establish and promote cooperation within the communications industries to:
    • Effectively balance risk while maintaining new subscriber counts
    • Reduce fraud and uncollectible receivables